I love Christmas and Christmas decor and have been eyeing some of the sweet wreaths in Trader Joe’s. Buuuut didn’t want to spend any $$ on them and wanted to see if I could make one for cheaper and I did (although Trader Joe’s had pretty amazing prices on theirs as well)! So, I did end up spending money but just a few dollars less and that’s good for the Holiday season, right? I made it all for $7 total (hit up 50% off all Christmas decor at Hobby Lobby and Trader Joe’s for greenery)

all you need:

-greenery (you can also get this for free at home improvement stores..kind of a hit or miss but worth asking for their leftover greenery) Use whatever kind you’d like. The best part about building a wreath is the fact you can literally do whatever you want to get the look you want!

-lightweight floral wire

-wreath wire


Starting with your wire frame, add greenery around the entire wire frame to cover the metal and secure with the lightweight floral wire.  Make sure to overlap the stems so they do not show! Keep adding greenery until you can not see the frame.

Add extra greenery to any bare spots or anywhere that doesn’t look full enough.

Add berries, ribbons, flowers, etc to the wreath! Like these ones. I added a few berries to mine but feel to go crazy on yours!

Decorate the rest of your place with any extra greenery! Also, it smells amazing.

Also, save your wire frame for next year – don’t throw it away!