1. Banza Pasta 

Chickpea pasta. So freakin’ good. I also really like their branding which is irrelevant but oh well. 25 grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber. Mix in chicken and a little extra cheese on top. Getcha some!


2. S’well Bottle 

I take this everywhere with me! It’s practical and pretty. Oh, and it keeps water (or coffee or tea) cold or hot for hoursssssss.

3. Living Proof Hair Products 

This stuff has made such a difference for my hair! I have gotten down to washing my hair only 1-2x per week (some say gross, I say awesome.) It doesn’t have any gross, harsh chemicals in it and your hair will thank you! Also, shout out to my wonderful hair dresser for a hair-changing discovery.

4. Rachel Mansfield’s Vegan Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars 

Okay, these bars are delicious and healthy. And this recipe is by one of my favorite bloggers, Rachel Mansfield! Seriously, go check out her site for delicious, healthy recipes. Also, her Instagram is AMAZING. I made a batch of these bad boys this week and am using them as a snack  and YUM. Make these tomorrow or maybe just make them tonight. 


This is pretty much sums me up after tasting these goodies. Enjoy!