With the 100 degree heat the past week, I have been craving something fresh and super easy to make. And since it’s the first day of summer, strawberry avocado salsa with cinnamon sugar pita crisps was the perfect thing go to. The salsa is the perfect mix of savory and the sweet pita adds an awesome contrast. This is great for a light lunch, appetizers for guests, or just a snack!

you need | salsa

1-1.5 cups of chopped strawberries (I like more in mine but you are fine just using a cup)

2 avocados, peeled, cut into cubes*

3 tablespoons of minced cilantro

1-2 limes

dash of salt

*make sure avocados are not too soft since you will be dicing them.

Combine all the ingredients into a bowl and mix. Squeeze 3-4 lime halves over the mixture. Chill.



you need | cinnamon pita crisps

2 whole-wheat pitas

1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil


white sugar

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Take 2 whole-wheat pitas and cut in to 20-24 pieces. Melt coconut oil and coat one side of each pita chip with melted oil. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top of each pita chip. Bake for 10 minutes or until crispy and brown!

Let crisps cool and than serve with chilled salsa.